Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blessed Indeed

As I reflect on the last 41 years (yes, I know you had no idea I was that old because I don't look it) I am overjoyed at how truly blessed I am.
I have great friends, an amazing family and an indescribable God. Words can do no justice to how I am feeling today. Overjoyed simply doesn't describe it. So today I simply want to say thanks. Thank you for being a great friend. Thank you for being an amazing husband, precious kiddos and a selfless sister. Thank you for being the best dad ever! Thank you for being a reader who likes to laugh, or cry, at my crazy life from afar. Thank you for loving me in spite of myself.
As I sit her reflecting in the last 41 years I realize that for my birthday I could be given no greater gift than what I already have. I am blessed indeed!


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