Sunday, May 13, 2012

Super Heroes

A Mother's Day poem from my son Cameron:

Thank you mom for all you do,
Cleaning, cooking, and loving too.
I couldn't think of what a better mom could be,
Nothing better could you give to Rob, my brothers and me!

Today is Mother's Day and for all you moms out there let me just say you are a superhero! I know being a mom doesn't always feel super but it's days like today that hopefully remind you just how treasured you are. If you happen to be one of the superest of heroes, a single mom, let me just remind you how incredibly amazing you are. I know you don't always feel appreciated and I know first hand how incredibly challenging your job is but know that you are especially treasured by our God in heaven and He sees your daily sacrifice. To all the super heroes out there that we call mom, Happy Mother's Day.


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